Jason started out in the music world as a self-taught flute/whistle player and Sean Nos singer.

As a professional bladesmith/blacksmith, he toured the United States with Renfairs, Highland Games, Civil War reenactments, Irish Music festivals, and SCA events which allowed him to meet and play with a wide variety of musicians from around the world.

After leaving the festival circuit to continue his blacksmithing trade, he began to play with a few local sessions and small Celtic bands before being asked to help form Four Leaf Peat. 

A native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Jason has been playing flute, whistle bodhran, and bones for about 15 year around the southeast at venues ranging from private parties and weddings to homecoming festivals and fairs.  In 2008, Jason was hired to teach Irish percussion at Dollywood during their Festival of Nations.  In 2009, Jason was asked to close the Heartland Series "Farewell" festival at the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tennessee.

Jason says, "It's great to play with people who can listen and react to what you play with the same groove and feeling.  These guys are for that."