Gil started playing the guitar at the age of ten and played bass guitar in a rock n’ roll band during his teenage years while growing up in Cookeville, Tennessee.  He soon developed a passion for traditional acoustic music and was influenced by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Bill Monroe, Tony Rice and many other traditional bluegrass and old time musicians.  He was especially fond of the mandolin playing of David Grisman, and thus was inspired to learn how to play the mandolin. 
Gil moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2003 and became involved with various bluegrass and old time bands, playing mandolin and acoustic rhythm guitar.  One summer’s eve in 2007, he stumbled upon a traditional Irish session taking place at Patrick Sullivan’s pub and noticed the similarities of traditional Irish music to bluegrass and old time.  Gil instantly developed a passion for the more complex and lively melodies of traditional Irish music and thus began a journey of learning and understanding the music of Ireland.  He gave up bluegrass and old time music to focus his efforts exclusively on traditional Irish music. 
Gil joined Four Leaf Peat in the spring of 2008 and adds driving rhythm and depth to the band’s sound with his powerful DADGAD guitar playing.  He also on occasion plays the ten string bouzouki and flat-picks tunes on various fretted instruments including the mandolin and the tenor banjo. 
Gil is one of the key session leaders at the bi-monthly traditional Irish session at Boyd’s Jig and Reel pub in Knoxville.